Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sean's Christmas Poem

My roommate, Sean, has this little irritating quirk about him that I don't entirely like.  Sean loves Christmas music.  It's dreadful.  Since he has been spamming my Wall on Facebook with Christmas carols, I thought I would retaliate with a little passive-aggressive Christmas poem on his Wall.  It's another parody on "T'was the Night Before Christmas", not that there aren't a 1001 others like it, but I thought I might share it just for fun.  Sean is terrified of house centipedes.  I've ne'er heard such a girlish scream from a man as when we had our first encounter with the bastards. In all fairness to Sean, they are creepy as hell.

T'was a few nights before christmas,
at four-ninety charlotte;
When Sean thought it'd be funny
To blast carols by harlots

But little did he know
His christmas wish would be granted,
'Cuz under his sheets
A house centipede was planted.

Or maybe it was put
In the case of his pillow;
And it cannot escape,
No open door or window.

So go ahead, Sean,
Fuck with me all you like,
I will not stand by,
But jump out and strike.

So stop with the carols,
Wall posts, Likes, and cheer,
Because I'll get you back

for sure in the new year.

So let's call it even;
I'll remove that damn bug.
A mediocre Christmas to all,
And to all Bah-Humbug.

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