Thursday, June 7, 2012

Well it's about damn time. Hey Guys! Today I posted a new essay up about my experience at Edgefest 2008, my first real concert experience. I went with an old school chum who I probably haven't talked to in a few years...but what can you do? Maybe you'll see why in the story. So check'er out and tell your friends!

Also to come soon is some Biblical Comedy/Science Fiction, as well as something that will be called "Sorry, Dan Akroyd, but Bill Murray Ate all the Shrimp"

For real.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hello Chums,

Here is a filler post. Right now I'm working on a short story, at least it looks that way now, and it is taking a little longer than I had planned. So! I am attaching a link to a video someone did to a reading of a poem by Neil Gaiman. The poem is silly and fun, and also one of my favourites.

"The Day the Saucers Came" By Neil Gaiman

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sestina for a Canoer

Hey everybody.  This is a poem I wrote a year ago. It was difficult to write and I am very fond of it.  I don't think I will ever try to write another Sestina. I hope you guys like it. It is also up in the Poem's page.

Sestina for a Canoer

Trees and wildlife reflect in the water;
Glistening and shining, wobbling in the waves
Made from a canoe that glides by, floating.
Silently the water spreads and ripples
As a lone man gently dips his paddle
In to the cold and ancient lake's body.

He looks down and gets lost in the ripples.
He sees the reflection of his body;
A new and different world in the water
Which he pokes at with his hand-made paddle,
Further distorting the world in the waves,
Sinking a fallen leaf nearby, floating.

He looks out at the expansive body
And thinks about a lost life in the waves.
A reflected world mirrored by water,
So easily disturbed by his paddle
And the canoe that is softly floating,
Causing the array of lively ripples.

Suddenly he becomes tired floating,
And with a few strong strokes of his paddle
Moves quick and swift across the large body,
Creating powerful, momentous waves
Which turn into the tiniest ripples,
Evening down into flat and calm water.

Now that the wind had died there were few waves
Visable on the lake's massive body.
Using great strength he managed to paddle,
A master of his craft, like air, floating
Across the large display of still water.
All that is left are the canoe's ripples.

He reaches shore, where he throws his paddle;
He steps out, leaving the canoe floating.
Alone, bobbing, it makes tiny ripples
Flattened by the shore's reverberated waves.
He lifts the canoe out of the water;
Finally, some time to rest his body.

His paddle rests, his thoughts ease, dreams floating,
But not of waves or any small ripples.
Beside still water a resting body.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sean's Christmas Poem

My roommate, Sean, has this little irritating quirk about him that I don't entirely like.  Sean loves Christmas music.  It's dreadful.  Since he has been spamming my Wall on Facebook with Christmas carols, I thought I would retaliate with a little passive-aggressive Christmas poem on his Wall.  It's another parody on "T'was the Night Before Christmas", not that there aren't a 1001 others like it, but I thought I might share it just for fun.  Sean is terrified of house centipedes.  I've ne'er heard such a girlish scream from a man as when we had our first encounter with the bastards. In all fairness to Sean, they are creepy as hell.

T'was a few nights before christmas,
at four-ninety charlotte;
When Sean thought it'd be funny
To blast carols by harlots

But little did he know
His christmas wish would be granted,
'Cuz under his sheets
A house centipede was planted.

Or maybe it was put
In the case of his pillow;
And it cannot escape,
No open door or window.

So go ahead, Sean,
Fuck with me all you like,
I will not stand by,
But jump out and strike.

So stop with the carols,
Wall posts, Likes, and cheer,
Because I'll get you back

for sure in the new year.

So let's call it even;
I'll remove that damn bug.
A mediocre Christmas to all,
And to all Bah-Humbug.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Essay up!

Hey y'all! I've posted an essay called Walking the Death March.  The formatting came out weird, but it's still all there!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Poem is Up!

So the first poem is up in the Poem's Section.  It's called Retribution. There's a little bit about the poem and the making of. Check'er out!

First Post

And so begins the experiment. Shout out to Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue who has given probably countless artists some form of inspiration with his experiment. You can see his fantastic work at  As for me, I just wanted to let er'body see some of the stuff I've been working on, so please leave comments about what you think and all that jazz.  Off the top of my head I will say that Wednesdays are probably going to be the days I put new stuff up, but I will probably post a couple times a week.  Tell your friends and families!
The first thing I post will probably be a poem. But don't worry, I don't write no angsty crap - Just regular crap.

Stick Around!